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Testimonial 15

Shahmeen was fabulous--her ability to gently hold the group created opportunities to go deep and her clear knowledge of the tool and its underpinnings was the ideal framing of our work.

Testimonial 14

Shahmeen was AMAZING. I was not prepared for such an inwardly-focused experience. It was wonderful to have, but came as a surprise to me.

Testimonial 13

Shahmeen was an awesome facilitator who created a safe place for the participants to share and be vulnerable. She provided excellent insights to understand the profile and give guidance in how to create the same experience to others as a coach. Her vulnerability and...

Testimonial 12

Shahmeen was an outstanding facilitator, blending subject matter expertise with helpful tips/tricks plus a very resonant approach to creating meaningful change through our work.

Testimonial 11

Shahmeen is a master facilitator. She created a sacred space with profound learning. She embodied everything she was teaching and the alignment of her words and her being made the experience profound. She also did an excellent job scaffolding our learning.

Testimonial 10

I definitely think the time spent on having difficult conversations has strengthened my interactions as a leader. Overall, the reminder to think about my role in every difficult conversation and what I will commit to work on is very important, along with the show of...

Testimonial 9

The topics are thought provoking and inspire us individually and as a leadership team to approach with an open mind and to take into account individuals’ stories and experiences.

Testimonial 8

The time for pause, self-reflection, acceptance. Through my continual growth and development as a person and as a leader, the more effectively I can lead and influence others.

Testimonial 7

Learning about each other has been very supportive of understanding each other’s perspectives. This has helped us to become more open with each other.

Testimonial 6

As one of the newest members of the leadership team, one of the things that resonated most with The New Essentials of Leadership was in managing your energy. In a new role where you are trying to learn more and also support others, it helped me to reflect a bit more...

Testimonial 5

What has been most meaningful is the teambuilding. After being apart for two years, and having new people join the team, I appreciated the opportunity to really connect and know folks on that personal level. To be able to build those relationships makes such an...

Testimonial 4

The New Essentials of Leadership has helped me to be more aware in terms of relationships. I’m more mindful now to consider what the other person might be thinking about, or how to look at situations from other people’s viewpoints. I’ve even found it useful on a...

Testimonial 3

The program was instrumental in helping me think through my communications from an outsider’s perspective, and also helped establish common language with colleagues to mutually support improved communication and alignment. We have a shared and common language around...

Testimonial 2

TNEL (The NEW Essentials of Leadership) has constantly reminded me of my need to slow down, take inventory of what I am noticing in myself (and others), and sort through the emotions before I act.

Testimonial 1

Not taking things personally, limiting stories, and fostering compassion can alleviate stress. Listening and reiterating creates efficiencies. Having difficult conversations may bring opportunities of gained knowledge, increased functionality, and positive strategic...

This is Your Life

This is Your Life

It’s been over a decade since the father of my boys and I separated but I remember this moment clearly, as if it just happened a few days ago. I was driving home from dance class, knowing I’d be alone when I returned as the boys had gone to their father’s home, where...

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