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Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

We turn your managers into effective leaders

Leader and team at work happy together

Offer effective feedback and resolve long-standing issues with our model for How to Have a Difficult Conversation.

Our Executive Leadership Development Programs are:

Focused. Leadership development to improve the culture so your entire organization can thrive.

Collaborative. We are your executive training partner, supporting you in serving the business well.

Customized for your organization’s unique situation. No more boxed management training. 

Integrated. Executive coaching that relates to the real-life situations your leaders are facing. 

Expansive. We show your leaders how to remain productive, while including a focus on engaging their people.

Practical. Every coaching session will leave your leaders with concrete actions to take.

Benefits of Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

Gain a competitive advantage


Reduce costly turnover

Deliver outstanding results


Benefits of Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

Gain a competitive advantage


Reduce costly turnover


Deliver outstanding results


Anjali Leadership

We support you with practical, customized leadership development and executive coaching programs.

Highly productive people often get promoted into leadership roles. After all, the reasoning goes, if they can do the job well, then the next natural step is to make them a manager.

Problem is, being good at their job doesn’t automatically mean they’ll be good at leading people. And we all know that disgruntled employees don’t leave organizations, they leave bad bosses.

Have you noticed the following in your organization?

1. High or increasing turnover
2. Decreasing morale and productivity
3. Low employee engagement and satisfaction scores
4. Absenteeism for sickness and mental health reasons
5. Position in the marketplace slipping
6. Failing to meet performance targets

If you said “yes” to any of these, you need to take action now.

Common tactics that many organizations use include all hands, town halls, behavioural edicts, restructuring, off-the-shelf training, remedial coaching, working harder and more. These well-intentioned efforts backfire when employees report that their managers don’t model the prescribed behaviours, sending your organization into a dangerous spiral of mistrust and dysfunction.

Worse, as a Human Resources expert, the pressure is on you to be able to fix the people problems. If you can’t, it’s normal to worry that eventually doubt and blame will get cast on you. You want to be a valued partner to the business leaders, so it’s important that you get things in hand and propose the most effective way forward.

Anjali Leadership has been partnering with HR leaders to solve these problems at the source since 2005. We support you with practical, customized leadership development and executive coaching programs to guide your managers to develop and integrate essential leadership competence so they can get back on track, engage their teams, achieve their targets and create results without losing their edge or burning themselves and their employees out.


“Shahmeen has positively influenced the lives of hundreds of people through her work with us. People are leading more productive and rewarding professional and personal lives as a result of Shahmeen’s deep developmental work with them. She connects with people in profound and unique ways and brings meaning to every conversation.”

“A day with Anjali Leadership was like a day of respite and healing for me. Being amongst like-minded colleagues who are willing to give trust and vulnerability in such a short amount of time, is rare to say the least. What is possible from that place is a new way of noticing, thinking and being, the minute you walk out of the door.”

“Shahmeen has been an incredible inspiration over the past two years working with my Human Resources Leadership Team. She has been inspiring for all in attendance; she possesses a style and purpose that is unique only to her. She offers the promise for each participant to identify their own unique gifts, and examine the deeper meaning of how each contributes to the individual and the team’s well-being. The progress my team has made working with Shahmeen is palpable. She leads with a grace and elegance that is second to none.”

“Juan brings two very valuable strengths together, in one very competent person. The ability to discern a logical and rational way forward AND the gift of knowing how to connect with people in a very real and human way. The result? He can forge strategic plans and actions that are grounded in good sense and strong business acumen, while meeting people “where they are” and guiding them into alignment with his vision while still honouring their own. It is a rare leader that blends these two talents.”

How does it work?

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We begin with a culture audit and a recommended plan to address your unique circumstances.

Our coaches and consultants work with your managers to implement the plan

How Much Does It Cost?

Consider this…

What is the value of reducing costly turnover, repairing dysfunction and restoring engagement for your organization? No investment is too small for a thriving organization with people working with energy and alignment towards a common mission. To get started, let’s talk about your unique situation and determine
your organization’s readiness to create a culture of engagement and results.

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