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Having been Leadership Consultants since 2005, we see that the biggest leadership challenge for organizations is always on the people side of the equation:  How people lead and how people interact with each other.

This observation cuts across industries, no matter the size or complexity of the organization. It has nothing to do with what product you make or what service you provide. It is true in higher education, in financial services, in hotels, in schools, in insurance companies, in hospitals and many others.

It is the foundation for all the problems, and all the solutions. This holds true at scale – in families, in communities, in countries and across the globe. It always comes down to people, relationships and communication.

Your leaders are setting the tone for everyone who works in your organization. With every meeting they hold, every edict they proclaim (and how they live by these rules, or not), every decision they make, and every question they ask, they show everyone, “This is how we do it here”. And all too often, “How we do it here” is causing great damage at work, at home and in our communities.

Anjali Leadership is your leadership development partner, building effective leadership that starts at the top and extends throughout the ranks.

Imagine This…

Your people are engaging with each other with courage, compassion, excitement and alignment. You are all creating new things together that bring joy, justice and prosperity to the world. You’re doing this with a sense of ease, aliveness and purpose that makes the lives of you, your teams and your loved ones truly enjoyable.

If this resonates with you, let’s talk about how to bring it into reality!

You can care about people AND care about results. The two can co-exist and we can show you how!

Our Clients


"Shahmeen's work with our executive team revealed some important truths about our strengths and gaps, and helped catalyze a series of actions that have changed the make-up and relationship of the team.   We are much better for the work, as individuals and as parts of a system! Her keen insights, candor, compassion and adaptability supported us in taking action action to transform challenge into opportunity with integrity.  She is forward-looking, deeply caring and resolved in her commitment to change the quality of leadership in organizations today. Shahmeen is a courageous guide that has a truth about leadership that we all need to be paying attention to if we want to find the courage within ourselves to change the systems we are a part of."

- Carey Baker and Carlo Bos, Co-CEOs of Co-Active Training Institute

"I worked with Shahmeen for approximately three years. As a Type A personality, I cannot overstate the value I received personally and professionally. During our time working together, I experienced multiple corporate succession processes, a new role, new leadership team, multiple 360s and a Pandemic. Shahmeen’s approach to mindfulness, self-reflection and just slowing my mind down, helped me focus on being recharged at the right times so I could make the transformation from always driving to guiding and influencing others. While I am a work in progress, I continue to make progress!"

- Barry J. Thornton II, Chief Operating Officer of
Excellus BlueCross BlueShield

"As a new CEO, with a new executive leadership team, Anjali Leadership has provided a practical yet heartfelt approach to deepening our relationships and preparing us to have meaningful conversations.  Through the work, Shahmeen and Juan have personally coached each individual leader through their own development journey, but then connected that work back to the overarching development of a Team!  The culture of our team, strength of our individual leadership capabilities, and overall business success have been enabled by the work with Anjali Leadership!"

- Jim Reed, President & CEO of Excellus BlueCross BlueShield

"I would like to take a moment to both thank you and recognise the invaluable support and guidance you and your team provided me throughout our corporate Leadership Development programme. I found the programme extremely valuable and complimentary to my own ‘self improvement’ path that I have undertaken over the last year. The tools and guidance that Anjali Leadership provided and the mechanisms for reaching out to reports, peers and bosses allowed me to receive real feedback and constructive critique that I can now use going forward. I also appreciated the specific one to one conversations that we had and the sometimes ‘out of the box’ suggestions you made. Whilst often making me feel uncomfortable, I do appreciate that stepping out of my comfort zone is important and I thank you for that feedback and direction."

- Bill Clowes,


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