Be Human, together.

lead in today’s world for a better tomorrow

Leadership is a heartfelt invitation to joyously come together to bring something wonderful into being, that creates good and cultivates prosperity, aspiring to do so with ease, grace, passion and respect.

The Biggest challenge for organizations…

We are often asked what we see as the biggest theme or challenge for organizations, since we’ve been leadership consultants since 2005.

Our response?

It is always, ultimately, about people and how they relate to each other.

This observation cuts across industries, no matter the size or complexity of the organization. It has nothing to do with what product you make or what service you provide. It is true in higher education, in financial services, in hotels and in schools.

It is the foundation for all the problems, and all the solutions, in faith organizations, insurance companies and hospitals. This holds true at scale – in families, in communities, in countries and across the globe.

It always comes down to people, relationships and communication.

The real, integrated and sustained change needs to begin at the top in order to create a culture of effectiveness.

Your leaders are setting the tone for everyone who works there. With every meeting they hold, every edict they proclaim (and how they live by these rules, or not), every decision they make, and every question they ask, they show everyone, “This is how we do it here”.

And all too often, “How we do it here” is causing great damage at work, at home and in our communities.


At Anjali Leadership we are focused on facilitating essential, intimate and challenging explorations with committed, courageous and resilient senior executives of purposeful organizations who will lead the world into and through the next chapter of human history.

We have a dream…

Your people are engaging with each other with courage, compassion, excitement and alignment.

You create new things together that bring joy, justice and prosperity to the world.

You do this with a sense of ease, aliveness and purpose that makes your lives and the lives of your loved ones truly enjoyable.

If this dream resonates with you, let’s talk about how to bring it into reality!

It’s time to say “yes” to building a new framework of leadership grounded in consciousness, courage and compassion.

Become an organization that leads with humanity while not sacrificing productivity.

Free yourselves up to meet the challenges of today with innovations that build for a better tomorrow. 

We can show you how!



Strengthen the Heart of Your Leadership

We help you strengthen the heart of your leadership so you can care about people AND create results without sacrificing one for the other. 

Establishing a culture of clarity of feedback, to conversations that generate innovation, we’ve got you!


Discover Possibilities Beyond What You Think and Know

We’ll guide you in revolutionary practices that let you bring the best of the science together with the art so you can reshape your offerings to meet the needs of an ever-changing reality.


Lay Down a New Foundation Upon Which Future Generations Will Thrive

A new template for leadership is required. One in which diverse people and viewpoints are not only tolerated but welcomed with the full-hearted love and appreciation of belonging to one great human family. One in which people come together to work towards a shared vision, with kindness and compassion while still fiercely moving forward to produce results and foster innovation that will set our future generations up for success.

We’ll help you hold safe space for productive conflict through recognizing how rank and privilege play out, creating the container and conditions for healing (not just band-aids).

Enjoy Being Human Together

Enjoy Being Human Together

 Be human. Normalize the challenges. Put down your differences and let your human-ness shine through. You don’t have to share everything that is troubling you, but you can show a little more of what is happening under the surface. 

We’ll help you find your way.



Leadership development to improve the culture so your entire organization can thrive.


We are your executive development partner, supporting you in serving the business well.


For your organization’s unique situation. No more boxed management training. 


Executive coaching that relates to the real-life situations your leaders are facing. 


We show your leaders how to remain productive, while including and engaging the people they work with.


Every group and individual session will leave your leaders with concrete actions to take.


“I would like to take a moment to both thank you and recognise the invaluable support and guidance you and your team provided me throughout the Leadership development programme.


I found the programme extremely valuable and complimentary to my own ‘self improvement’ path that I have undertaken over the last year. The tools and guidance that Anjali Leadership provided and the mechanisms for reaching out to reports, peers and bosses allowed me to receive real feedback and constructive critique that I can now use going forward. I also appreciated the specific one to one conversations that we had and the sometimes ‘out of the box’ suggestions you made. Whilst often making me feel uncomfortable, I do appreciate that stepping out of my comfort zone is important and I thank you for that feedback and direction.”


– BILL C., VICE PRESIDENT – Road & Public Transportation Agency


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