Take Steps To Develop Your Own Leadership

Here are some practices and tools to get you started!

Heart Matters: A Poetic Revolution of Truth, Healing and Belonging

Heart Matters gets to the core of belonging with authentic truths laid out in gorgeous poetry and reflections that feel thoughtful, direct, and life-changing.

With courage, passion, and sometimes brutal honesty, author Shahmeen Sadiq invites you to reflect on your journey, ponder your vocation and see the unseen design of life, not through the wounds of harsh realities, but by honoring every experience as a source of wisdom.

You’ll feel awakened, stirred, and drawn towards love for yourself and others.

Isn’t that what the world needs right now?

Heart Matter Poetic Revolution Poetry Book

Personal Development Workbook

Through this 32-page workbook, you’ll go on a self-guided path to gain the clarity you’ve been searching for and begin your journey to answer the call of your own heart.

Discussions and Explorations

reflections on

the leadership circlE

Fireside Chat with Group Courage International

Shahmeen Sadiq, MCC discusses how she became an advocate for the Leadership Circle Profile™ after doing the 360 assessment herself and seeing her own blindspots revealed.

When were the moments in your life when you suddenly saw a clear path forward?

Rank, privilege and power

Fireside Chat with Group Courage International

Shahmeen Sadiq, MCC, discusses how rank, privilege, and power let us look through different lenses, or prevent us from seeing things from another’s perspective.

What are the lenses that you look through? How could softening your gaze help you include a wider set of possibilities?

Fireside Chat with Group Courage International

Watch as our founder, Shahmeen Sadiq, MCC discusses identifying and “growing up” Gifts of Leadership.

Have you explored your Gifts of Leadership and learned to expand on them?

Maintaining Presence, what does it really mean?

In this webinar during International Coaching Week, Shahmeen speaks with Siri G.P. Kaur Khalsa, MCC about Maintaining Presence, one of the core coaching competencies mandated by the ICF.

Games Coaches Play

Shahmeen shares how Anjali Leadership has incorporated gamification in their innovative leadership development program that launches in 2023.

Shahmeen is interviewed by Laura Franco, Brave Healer Productions

Watch as Shahmeen discusses how the way she moved through life and her experiences have brought together the body of work that serves our clients.

It’s OK To Be Different

Shahmeen & Troy Devine speak about the path from personal growth to the exploration of one’s gift.

Being an individual leader can be hard at times, but it can be worth it in the end.

Listen in as they explore how to move towards a fulfilling life.


Stories from the Heart of Leadership

Things happen in life: wonderful, terrible and sad things. It appears safer, especially at work, to put a neutral face on it all and carry on. Better to look like we have it all together than to let them see the joy, shame or dread we might be feeling on the inside.

Listen in as Shahmeen discusses how we can more resilient and effective by connecting at the level of our shared humanity.

When someone courageously gives voice to their yearning, fear or uncertainty, the potential for creating extraordinary results at work, at home and elsewhere is exponentially increased.

Learn more about this, how it works and how you can put it into service in your life.