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Shahmeen Sadiq, MCC


Shahmeen Sadiq, Master Certified Coach, has been guiding the development of leaders since founding Anjali Leadership Inc. in 2005. She served as adjunct Leadership Faculty at the University of Notre Dame from 2013 to 2020, and was faculty at The Leadership Circle, where she certified and mentored about a thousand coaches over her tenure, from 2008-2019. 

Shahmeen creates spaces where people feel that they belong, and she teaches and guides her clients to do so as well. In 2009 she was honored by the International Coach Federation with a Prism Award for one such project: large system healing and culture change within a fractured faith community.

These days she and her team are focused on facilitating essential, intimate and difficult explorations with committed, courageous and resilient senior leaders of purposeful organizations who will lead the world into and through the next chapter of human history. She also mentors seasoned leadership development coaches and consultants and HR professionals who support such leaders and organizations. 

Shahmeen weaves a lifetime of diverse learning into potent transformational guidance for people who are interested in becoming whole, empowered contributors to the well-being of humanity. 

Shahmeen is a published poet and a visual artist. She is mother to two boys and stepmother to one girl – all three amazing human beings. She loves spending time in nature and is enjoying exploring the trails in her new city of Waterloo, Ontario.