What is Wiser Leadership?

Wiser Leadership is:

Wholehearted and Welcoming

Given the escalating uncertainty and complexity that defines life these days, it is essential to strengthen your capacity to wholeheartedly welcome and work with it all. Gone are the days when you could put your head down and just wait it out. 

Intentionally Inclusive

Invite and integrate others. This begins with you – including parts of yourself that you previously sent away – and continues with creating the conditions where diversity is not just tolerated, but rather celebrated as a precondition for innovation and success. 

Self- and System-Aware

The most valuable leadership quality you could cultivate. Build a new, deeper level of consciousness about your rank, privilege, habits and systemic structures you have set up, and the impact you, and they, are having, which may be quite different from what you intended.


This is about creating results. All of the work on being a better human being gets put into service through clear, decisive and courageous leadership in action. 


Bumps and bruises are inevitable when you play full out in the arena of life. Learn to bounce back better, including becoming more reflective and receptive so that every experience becomes an opportunity to learn, grow and take what you have learned back into the game.

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