The New Essentials of Leadership

Lead well. Create good. Enjoy being human together.

Because of The New Essentials of Leadership… I am more confident in my own skin and we are a more united team.

Lori, Sr. VP, Human Resources

Because of The New Essentials of Leadership… I am more confident in my communications and er are better able to mutually discuss and challenge difficult topics.

Matt, Vice President

Empower your leaders with the skills, qualities and competencies to navigate the complexities of today’s world, inspire your team, and lead with purpose.

You’ve spent your career moving up through the ranks. You’ve gained vast experience in business, you know your subject matter well, and you’ve been to all the right training.

You’ve got the best people in place: remarkable leaders who truly aspire to make a difference.

Your peers, the executives, and the Board are aligned on your purposeful mission and vision.

This is your moment! You and your team are responsible for leading your division, and with a great foundation of knowledge and experience, it should be a breeze, right?

Then why is this so hard?

Burnout, exhaustion, overwhelm, and a shocking deterioration of human relations light up the headlines.

Books and lists detailing things all good leaders must do to keep employees happy and engaged.

Pay, play, and pizza sound like easy fixes, but you’re learning that they don’t quite do it.

Are you starting to feel like the story you’ve been told about how it all works doesn’t quite match what you are noticing?

You need The NEW Essentials of Leadership.

Six essential qualities that didn’t seem to matter back then (if they were even on the radar).


We’ve been guiding organizations to build and strengthen these essential leadership qualities since 2005. Now, we’ve put them together in a powerful group program for you and your team.

In The NEW Essentials of Leadership, everyone on your team invests a few minutes each day to:

  • Learn potent leadership and awareness practices
  • Experiment with what you are learning
  • Reflect on what you are noticing

Experience a breakthrough in human dynamics as you:

  • Strengthen connections across your team
  • Develop leadership that is clear AND kind
  • Learn to have difficult conversations effectively

Support your organization’s mission when you:

  • Collaborate without wasting energy
  • Create results with less effort
  • Free up bandwidth and insight for innovation

What are The NEW Essentials of Leadership?


Notice and understand thoughts, emotions and behaviors

Building a Stronger Container

Strengthen your capacity to hold and manage emotions, stress and complexity

Compassion 2.0

Cultivate a compassionate mindset towards self and others, including those who see things differently

Understanding Rank, Power and Privilege

Develop awareness and knowledge of social structures and inequities


Build emotional, mental and interpersonal resilience

Having Difficult Conversations Well

Engage in productive dialogue and navigate challenging situations with more ease

An immersive, blended learning program that provides transformative leadership development to all levels of an organization.

The New Essentials of Leadership

Designed for cohorts from a single organization.

Grounded in conscious, courageous and compassionate leadership.

Powerfully supports the transformation of your leadership and culture.

Through this program you’ll learn to:

Improve efficiency. Eliminate the need for workarounds.
  • Unlock your leadership potential and streamline processes for greater efficiency.
  • Optimize your workflow and eliminate time-consuming workarounds.
  • Find breakthrough solutions and innovation together.
Become more present.
  • Master the art of mindfulness and enhance your leadership presence.
  • Learn to be fully present in every moment and make more impactful decisions.
Strengthen communication, listening and understanding.
  • Enhance your communication skills and foster a culture of effective collaboration.
  • Develop active listening techniques to improve understanding and challenge assumptions.

Testimonial 1

Not taking things personally, limiting stories, and fostering compassion can alleviate stress. Listening and reiterating creates efficiencies. Having difficult conversations may bring opportunities of gained knowledge, increased functionality, and positive strategic outcomes.

Jacquie, Manager

Testimonial 2

TNEL (The NEW Essentials of Leadership) has constantly reminded me of my need to slow down, take inventory of what I am noticing in myself (and others), and sort through the emotions before I act.

Lori, Sr. VP, Human Resources

Testimonial 3

The program was instrumental in helping me think through my communications from an outsider’s perspective, and also helped establish common language with colleagues to mutually support improved communication and alignment. We have a shared and common language around how to approach difficult topics. Ensuring clarity, holding difficult conversations, ensuring we are building together will be easier together based on this common experience.

Matt, Vice President

Develop your self-awareness.
  • Discover your leadership strengths and areas for growth through our comprehensive self-awareness exercises.
  • Gain deep insights into your leadership style and leverage your self-awareness to maximize your impact.
Work better together and grow in alignment as a team.
  • Foster a cohesive and high-performing team environment through our leadership development program.
  • Align your team’s goals, values and objectives to achieve outstanding results together.
Strengthen your “container” and better manage yourself.
  • Develop resilience and enhance your ability to handle challenges with grace.
  • Build a solid foundation for self-management and enhance your leadership effectiveness.

Testimonial 4

The New Essentials of Leadership has helped me to be more aware in terms of relationships. I’m more mindful now to consider what the other person might be thinking about, or how to look at situations from other people’s viewpoints. I’ve even found it useful on a personal level!

Rob, Director

Testimonial 5

What has been most meaningful is the teambuilding. After being apart for two years, and having new people join the team, I appreciated the opportunity to really connect and know folks on that personal level. To be able to build those relationships makes such an important impact on the business.

Jill, Corporate Manager

Testimonial 6

As one of the newest members of the leadership team, one of the things that resonated most with The New Essentials of Leadership was in managing your energy. In a new role where you are trying to learn more and also support others, it helped me to reflect a bit more about caring for myself and “paying yourself first.”

Brian, Manager

Increase your ability to be open and vulnerable.
  • Enhance vulnerability and create a culture of openness and trust within your team.
  • Learn to lead with authenticity and foster an environment where everyone feels safe to express themselves.
Lead with greater confidence.
  • Boost your confidence as a leader and unlock your full potential.
  • Develop a strong leadership presence and inspire confidence in your team and stakeholders.
Create “space” and “grace” for yourself and others.
  • Cultivate a balanced approach to leadership that allows for self-care and supports the well-being of your team.
  • Learn techniques to create a supportive environment that nurtures growth and personal development.
Increase sense of personal accountability.
  • Foster a culture of personal accountability and ownership within your organization.
  • Equip yourself with tools and strategies to promote accountability and drive individual and team success.

Testimonial 7

Learning about each other has been very supportive of understanding each other’s perspectives. This has helped us to become more open with each other.

Matthew, Manager

Testimonial 8

The time for pause, self-reflection, acceptance. Through my continual growth and development as a person and as a leader, the more effectively I can lead and influence others.

Rick, Manager

Testimonial 9

The topics are thought provoking and inspire us individually and as a leadership team to approach with an open mind and to take into account individuals’ stories and experiences.

Jacquie, Manager

Testimonial 10

I definitely think the time spent on having difficult conversations has strengthened my interactions as a leader. Overall, the reminder to think about my role in every difficult conversation and what I will commit to work on is very important, along with the show of empathy and understanding for how the other person is feeling.

Susie, Manager

Improve human dynamics, connection, and productivity, whether your work setting is in-office, remote, or a hybrid mix.