The New Essentials of Leadership

Cultivate Stronger Human Dynamics at Work Through Innovative Leadership Practices

An immersive, blended learning program that extends leadership development throughout the organization.

Transform your culture from conformity, caution, and fear to innovation, productivity, and leading with humanity.

You’ve spent your career moving up through the ranks. You’ve gained vast experience in business, you know your subject matter well, and you’ve been to all the right training.

You’ve got the best people in place: remarkable leaders who truly aspire to make a difference.

Your peers, the executives, and the Board are aligned on your purposeful mission and vision.

This is your moment! You and your team are responsible for leading your division, and with a great foundation of knowledge and experience, it should be a breeze, right?

Then why is this so hard?

Burnout, exhaustion, overwhelm, and a shocking deterioration of human relations light up the headlines.

Books and lists detailing things all good leaders must do to keep employees happy and engaged.

Pay, play, and pizza sound like easy fixes, but you’re learning that they don’t quite do it.

Are you starting to feel like the story you’ve been told about how it all works doesn’t quite match what you are noticing?

You need The NEW Essentials of Leadership.

Six essential qualities that didn’t seem to matter back then (if they were even on the radar).


The New Essentials of Leadership comprise the heart, mind, and backbone of leadership that will support you in navigating your role.

We’ve been guiding organizations to build and strengthen these essential leadership qualities since 2005. Now, we’ve put them together in a powerful group program for you and your team.

In The NEW Essentials of Leadership, everyone on your team invests a few minutes each day to:

  • Learn potent leadership and awareness practices
  • Experiment with what you are learning
  • Reflect on what you are noticing

Experience a breakthrough in human dynamics as you:

  • Strengthen connections across your team
  • Develop leadership that is clear AND kind
  • Learn to have difficult conversations effectively

Support your organization’s mission when you:

  • Collaborate without wasting energy
  • Create results with less effort
  • Free up bandwidth and insight for innovation

The new essentials of leadership journey

through this program you’ll learn to:

  • Develop deeper self-awareness
  • Create safe space for productive conflict
  • Build fierce compassion
  • Understand your rank and privilege
  • Lead through obstacles and ambiguity
  • Have difficult conversations well
  • Find breakthrough solutions and innovation together

It is time to say “Yes” to The New Essentials of Leadership, a grand invitation to make a timely shift to a new framework grounded in conscious, courageous, and compassionate leadership.


Our team will work with you to structure the cohorts to support your organization’s needs.


Interactive Program that includes:

* Daily Engagement

* Cohort Gatherings on Zoom

Additional Individual Coaching Sessions Available

Our app-assisted program lets you do all of this on your own schedule.



 Anjali Leadership Inc.

Leadership Consultants &
Executive Coaches

In this group process, you will be introduced to powerful next-level leadership practices that will support you in building this new framework as you:


  • Strengthen the heart of your leadership
  • Discover possibilities beyond what you think and know
  • Build a new foundation upon which future generations will thrive
  • Deepen your connection with others in your organization

Program Structure

Level 1
Introduction to Individual Practices

Level 2
Introduction to Relational Practices

Level 3
Having Difficult Conversations Well

Each level is delivered over 4 weeks as app-assisted, blended learning program

an inside look 

Next Steps


The New Essentials of Leadership is designed for cohorts from a single organization to powerfully support the transformation of your culture and leadership.

Please contact us to discuss optimal timing and cohort design for your company.


“The New Essentials of Leadership has helped me to be more aware in terms of relationships. I’m more mindful now to consider what the other person might be thinking about, or how to look at situations from other people’s viewpoints. I’ve even found it useful on a personal level!”

– Rob, Director Employee Relations

“What has been most meaningful is the team building. After being apart for two years, and having new people join the team, I appreciated the opportunity to really connect and know folks on that personal level. To be able to build those relationships makes such an important impact on the business.”

– Jill, Corp Manager Learning & OD

I’ve experienced Shahmeen as a “front of the room” leader twice now. Each time she is a master in co-creating a courageous, compassionate and creative learning space for us all to grow. I leave that magic container taking with me a little more magic to spread to the world and whole heap more confidence.

– Kerry

“Reading “The Two Truths” every day was really powerful. I always feel like I have to fix myself, now I recognize that I don’t need to “fix” myself, but that there are things I can grow from. I never thought that reading something every day would make such a meaningful impact.”

– Amanda, Manager, Employee Wellbeing