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Enrolling others in this vision powerfully, so that they understand how their “piece of the puzzle” fits in, therefore establishing a strategic view of what each is doing and how it contributes to the creation of the vision

Creating a compelling vision

Transforming leaders’ mindsets so they can move from departmental management and a limited view of their work to strategic leadership and a broader understanding that integrates more

Providing authentic, specific and targeted feedback and support to leaders for the sake of elevating performance

Creating a compelling vision

Upgrading the inner “operating system” so that old habits of thought and action can be extinguished and replaced with new habits that are more useful for the performance you are seeking today more

Cultivating self-awareness to acknowledge and amplify leadership gifts, and build strength in areas where they haven’t had as much opportunity to grow

Harnessing the power of teams to bring complementary gifts to the table

Courageously surfacing conflict instead of avoiding it, learning that the diversity of ideas (which may cause conflict) to lead the team to a better outcome than if the conflict had been bypassed or buried

What you need to do now

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Heartfelt leadership has long been marginalized as passive and unproductive. When caution abounds, leaders are unclear and conformity is king, yes, this is unproductive.

We help you strengthen the heart of your leadership so you can care about people AND create results without sacrificing one for the other. 

There are so many possibilities out there for your organization, but it takes courageous leadership to reach for them. We’ll teach you how to have better conversations – from repairing damage done in the past, through establishing a culture of clarity of feedback, to conversations that generate innovation, we’ve got you!


The leadership of yesterday values intellect, science and force as the primary drivers towards achievement. 

These “masculine” energies only constitute half of the equation.

Intuition, feeling and flowing, which are all “feminine” in nature, have been devalued in the current framework, to our collective peril.

If the reality of the pandemic, the renewed calls for social justice and the urgency to restore nature has shown us anything, it is that what got us here, won’t get us there. Never before has the risk of becoming irrelevant been so high. 

Rather than digging in and pushing harder, we suggest you learn to put the feminine energies into service. We’ll guide you in revolutionary practices that let you bring the best of the science together with the art so you can reshape your offerings to meet the needs of an ever-changing reality and “lead like the lives of our great grandchildren depend on it.”


Traditional leadership frameworks put a premium on a strong, authoritative man at the top who always knows what to do.

We all know how outdated this is, yet an unconscious bias towards this style and structure of leadership continues, despite all of the public statements to the contrary. 

We see the good intentions behind the current strategies to foster diversity, equity and inclusion within organizations, but over time they don’t stand up. They can’t because they are built on an old, crumbling foundation of unconsciously wielded power, rank and privilege.

A new template for leadership is required. One in which diverse people and viewpoints are not only tolerated, but welcomed with the full hearted love and appreciation of belonging to one great human family. One in which people come together to work towards a shared vision, with kindness and compassion while still fiercely moving forward to produce results and foster innovation that will set our future generations up for success.


Projecting an image of confidence. Remaining positive and optimistic. Always showing up looking like you’ve got it all together. Refusing to acknowledge that you are challenged in any way. 

These are the hallmarks of leadership that are ripe for an upgrade. 

And that was before COVID-19 pushed work into the homes and families of you and your employees. 

The cost to your collective mental health is high, with many experiencing burnout, depression and worse. 

What can you do about this?

Be human. Normalize the challenges. Put down your defenses and let your human-ness shine through. You don’t have to share everything that is troubling you, but you can show a little more of what is happening under the surface. 


We’ll help you find your way.