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here are some practices and tools to get you started!

Monday Leadership Meditation


Begin each week focused, clear and grounded

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So many leaders care so deeply about others and it’s easy to keep pouring love and care outwards. However, if you let your cup become empty in the process, you’ll get depleted and exhausted.

It’s not an “either-or” scenario.

Get in flow so your cup fills WHILE you pour.

Create circuitry that nourishes you and them at the same time!

That’s what these leadership meditations are meant to support.

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Heart Matters: A Poetic Revolution of Truth, Healing and Belonging

Heart Matters gets to the core of belonging with authentic truths laid out in gorgeous poetry and reflections that feel thoughtful, direct, and life-changing.

This is poetry with purpose, to wake the reader one layer deeper than before, to shift awareness just enough that you feel a greater understanding, compassion, love, and tenderness fill you, and then move you closer toward your fellow human beings.

You’ll feel transformed.

And isn’t that what the world needs right now—to be drawn toward love?

Heart Matter Poetic Revolution Poetry Book

Personal Development Workbook

Through this 32-page workbook, you’ll go on a self-guided path to gain the clarity you’ve been searching for and begin your journey to answer the call of your own heart.