shahmeen sadiq, MCC

founder of anjali leadership, master certified coach

Shahmeen Sadiq, Master Certified Coach, has been leading the leadership development of executives and senior leaders since founding Anjali Leadership Inc. in 2005. She served as adjunct Leadership Faculty at the University of Notre Dame from 2013 to 2020, and was faculty at The Leadership Circle, where she certified and mentored about a thousand coaches over her tenure, from 2008-2019.

Shahmeen creates spaces where it is safe to Be Human, Together, and she shows her clients how to do so as well. In 2009 she was honored by the International Coach Federation with a Prism Award for one such project: large system healing and culture change within a fractured faith community. 

These days she and her team are focused on facilitating essential, intimate, and difficult explorations with committed, courageous and resilient senior leaders of purposeful organizations who will lead the world into and through the next chapter of human history. She also mentors seasoned leadership development coaches and consultants and HR professionals who support such leaders and organizations.

Shahmeen weaves a lifetime of diverse learning into potent transformational invitations for people who are interested in becoming whole, empowered contributors to the well-being of humanity.

Shahmeen is a published poet and a visual artist. You can find her book, Heart Matters: A Poetic Revolution of Truth, Healing, and Belonging on Amazon, Chapters/Indigo and Tertulia. She is mother to three amazing human beings. She loves spending time in nature and is enjoying exploring the trails in her new city of Waterloo, Ontario.



Client Experience and Business Support Partner

Jenny Haase has spent much of her career in the field of Leadership and Organizational Development, primarily in the areas of Client and Employee Experience, Design of Transformational Events, and as Business Support Partner to the CEO and C-Suite. Jenny worked for Stephen M. R. Covey as he launched his book, The Speed of Trust, and she was an integral part of The Leadership Circle and Full Circle Group for over 15 years. She is delighted to be working with Shahmeen and the wonderful Team at Anjali Leadership!

Throughout her career, Jenny has found a passion and a special niche in helping to create exceptional client experiences and events, whether it be a senior leadership team retreat, a global leadership Summit, or simply an internal development initiative for a client. She knows that quality content is imperative; but so, too, are the unique “containers” and special touches that deepen and anchor the learning, help to build a sense of community, team, and commitment among participants, and make an event a stellar experience.

Deeply honored to be nominated by both colleagues and a client (The Ritz-Carlton) for the “Unsung Hero Award,” Jenny was selected by Successful Meetings Magazine for this national award which celebrates “Their Passion Made Your Event Possible.”

Jenny thrives in helping organizations develop and deliver an attitude and modality of phenomenal Customer Service and Client Experience. This includes developing a Culture of exceptional “internal” customer service as well. So often, an organization’s Customer/Client Experience reflects its “internal culture.” Having a Culture where employees thrive and are guided by a clear and meaningful Mission, Purpose and Values structure makes all the difference!

Jenny holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Communication and Business Administration from Utah State University. She is certified in the use of the Leadership Circle (360˚) Profile and the Collective Leadership (Culture) Assessment tools from The Leadership Circle.

Jenny makes her home in Utah, USA, and is the mother of three adult children. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and hiking in the beautiful (and local) Wasatch Mountains. Music, mindfulness and moments spent in nature replenish her mind and spirit. As a breast cancer survivor, she speaks to groups of all sizes about the importance of early detection, and of being your own health advocate. Jenny is the founder of “Kindness from the Heart.” She believes that even the smallest act of Kindness can unleash an energy that ripples in ways unimagined … touching countless lives and transcending generations. Her mission is to share a compelling vision for creating a Legacy of Kindness.


Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach

Juan Madina is a Professional Certified Coach and Senior Leadership Consultant who specializes in supporting leaders to harness the full potential of their teams while improving business performance and achieving big results. His strengths lie in opening leaders to the work of a more grounded approach to business, teaching leadership teams how to honor those they work with to create successful, and effective long-lasting relationships within the corporate world.

Juan holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A) degree with a focus on Organizational Development. Prior to becoming a leadership coach, he was an instrumental part of developing and creating large-scale sales, coaching, and process improvement programs at some of Canada’s most successful retail chains and manufacturers. This then led him to pursue a focus in leadership development. He is a certified coach through the Coaches Training Institute™ (CTI) and holds a Professional Certified Coach Accreditation (PCC) from the International Coaches Federation (ICF). Juan also holds a certification in the Leadership Circle Profile™ as well as the Leadership Circle Culture Survey™ and has completed many leadership development programs such as Dale Carnegie, Sales for Retail Leaders, and many others.

Juan’s extensive background gives him a unique perspective and understanding of what steps are instrumental in successfully influencing a workplace environment to be more effective, collaborative, supportive, and to maintain a culture of heart-centered leadership. Combining his 25 years of corporate experience with more than 4 years of Co-Active® Coaching, these two passions have become an integral part of his mission to skillfully guide clients to transform their leadership and mindset.

With his guidance, grounded approach, and firm belief that any obstacle, large or small can be overcome in every organization and within every team. Juan skillfully guides leaders to perform at their highest potential possible while maintaining brave and courageous environments for teams to thrive in.