Are you ready to transform your coaching into impactful leadership development? 

The Art and Heart of Developing Leaders

Essential coach development to expand your capacity to guide and support organizational culture transformation.

In this extraordinary moment in time, we find ourselves at the precipice of a new era in leadership…

Are you a dedicated coach, tirelessly striving to create a significant impact for your clients, only to find your efforts often fall short of leaving a lasting difference? If this resonates with you, rest assured, you’re not alone.

Whether you’re an executive coach, an internal practitioner, or a people development professional, the challenge remains the same

How can you powerfully hold and guide a leadership transformation that genuinely enhances the lives of those you serve, without compromising productivity? 

In other words, how can you become an advocate and a resource for fostering collaboration and growth among individuals while earning the trust of results-driven leaders?

When organizations seek a leadership development partner, they want assurance that you have a clear direction to guide them towards.

Today’s leaders need partners who embrace a fresh vision of leadership — one grounded on people and their relationships with one another… leadership that embraces human dynamics and its interconnection with the impact of the organization.

Discover what it takes to be the advocate and resource that organizations need to enhance collaboration, all while earning the respect of results-focused leaders.

Unearth the secrets to effectively facilitating organizational transformations that not only benefit team members but also bolster productivity.

Embark on a transformative journey where you’ll master essential practices, acquire valuable tools, gain profound insights, and access crucial resources to elevate your coaching into potent leadership development for organizations.

Become a trusted, respected, and valued partner in shaping the future of leadership.

Program Highlights

By the end of this program, you will…

  • Gain the confidence to transition from being a coach paid by the hour to becoming a long-term Leadership Development Partner
  • Master a robust, practical, developmental framework tailored for real-world corporate success.
  • Evolve into a product of your framework, going beyond theory to embody these principles.
  • Understand how to skillfully coach your clients to navigate the complexity of organizational challenges and transformations.
  • Learn proven strategies directly from Master Certified Coach (MCC), Shahmeen Sadiq, that have been successfully implemented internally at Anjali Leadership with our clients.  These strategies will empower you to build a coaching business that not only makes a substantial impact but also supports enduring transformation within the organizations you serve.
  • Embrace the role of being the catalyst for change—be the change, guide the change, and lead the change.

who is this program for?

This program is ideally suited for coaches and human development professionals who are:

  • Already working with leaders, whether in one-on-one executive coaching or group coaching within organizations.
  • Passionate about systemic change within organizations.
  • Committed to improving human dynamics, organizational performance, and leadership effectiveness in tandem.
  • In it for the long haul, ready to do the deeper work of transformation.
  • Actively engaged in their practice, with connections and potential to drive change within their client organizations.
  • Certified in the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP) (certification not mandatory but highly recommended).
  • Willing to invest in their own growth and recognize the unique opportunity at hand.


This program can contribute towards fulfilling the group mentoring requirement for your ICF credential renewal.

Learn more about ICF credential renewal guidelines here:


Shahmeen Sadiq, Master Certified Coach (MCC) has over two decades of transformative coaching experience. As a former faculty member of Leadership Circle for 11 years and decades of guiding large organizations, Shahmeen has honed her expertise in leadership development.

Shahmeen is well-known for her ability to create spaces where authenticity thrives. She’s been honored with the Prism Award from the International Coach Federation for her exceptional work in large system healing and culture change.

Shahmeen is dedicated to guiding senior leaders and purpose-driven organizations through pivotal moments in human history. Her mentorship extends to seasoned leadership development professionals and HR experts.

Choosing a program led by Shahmeen means embarking on a coaching journey with a masterful guide who blends experience, creativity, and a deep commitment to human growth.

Hear From Past Mentees

Testimonial 11

Shahmeen is a master facilitator. She created a sacred space with profound learning. She embodied everything she was teaching and the alignment of her words and her being made the experience profound. She also did an excellent job scaffolding our learning.

Testimonial 12

Shahmeen was an outstanding facilitator, blending subject matter expertise with helpful tips/tricks plus a very resonant approach to creating meaningful change through our work.

Testimonial 13

Shahmeen was an awesome facilitator who created a safe place for the participants to share and be vulnerable. She provided excellent insights to understand the profile and give guidance in how to create the same experience to others as a coach. Her vulnerability and purpose inspired me and others to be present as a coach and provide fierce compassion to others.

Testimonial 14

Shahmeen was AMAZING. I was not prepared for such an inwardly-focused experience. It was wonderful to have, but came as a surprise to me.

Testimonial 15

Shahmeen was fabulous–her ability to gently hold the group created opportunities to go deep and her clear knowledge of the tool and its underpinnings was the ideal framing of our work.

limited spots available for this program

Why Limited Spots? To ensure an intimate group setting and a highly personalized learning experience, we’re limiting the number of participants. This approach allows for deeper engagement, more focused discussions, and a stronger support network throughout your journey. You’ll have ample opportunities to connect with your peers and receive personalized guidance from Shahmeen.

Course Structure

Embark on a 12-Week immersive, app-assisted Group Mentoring Program.

Experience the transformational journey to become a Leadership Development partner who can drive positive change within organizations, improving human dynamics and leadership effectiveness.

Course Objectives:

  • Refine your framework and process
  • Undertake the inner work essential for transformation
  • Begin to implement the framework effectively with your clients

Exclusive Benefits

12 Weeks of Guided Instruction: You’ll receive three full months of expert guidance and hands-on implementation support.

App-Assisted Learning and Activities: Our interactive app offers a wide range of resources, including immersive experiences as well as content that reinforces weekly topics, making your learning experience engaging and effective.
Weekly Deep Dives that are thoughtfully designed to simplify the application of practices and lessons for maximum impact.

Weekly Live Calls (each Friday) for dynamic and interactive learning experiences. These “Ask Me Anything” sessions with Shahmeen are designed for you to bring your questions and real-life client scenarios to the forefront. Gain real-time insights and engage in discussions that foster ongoing learning. Plus, count these calls towards fulfilling your ICF Mentor Coaching requirements.

Direct access to Shahmeen Sadiq, MCC, through weekly calls and in-app communications & discussions

Small Group Setting for Maximum Impact: Join an intimate cohort of dedicated coaches and human resources professionals for personalized attention and deep connections. Small group sizes ensure that you receive tailored guidance and can actively engage in discussions, enhancing the effectiveness of your learning journey.

Supportive peer community fostering mutual growth and accountability

Bonus Material

Bonus Live Call: How to Debrief the Leadership Circle Profile

Leverage the investment you made in certification by learning to effectively put this instrument into service with your clients with maximum impact.

Mini-Training: How to Sell Coaching with Confidence

Acquire the skills and strategies to grow your coaching business and attract ideal clients, making your coaching journey more impactful, and personally and financially rewarding.

What We’ll Explore

Sales and Structure for Your Leadership Development

Growing Your Leadership Gifts

Exploring Our Framework – Expanding Your Coaching Range


Personal Reflection within the Framework

Understanding How Leadership Gifts Dance with Each Other

Your Personal Journey – Understanding and Leveraging Your Primary Gift

Building Self-Awareness

Creating a Supportive Container for Leadership Development

Compassion 2.0 – Fostering Empathy and Understanding

Navigating Rank, Power and Privilege

Moving Forward with Your Clients

Becoming the Change to Guide the Change – The Essential Journey of Self-Work for Coaches

Achieve Real Impact

This program equips you with everything you need to confidently guide your clients through impactful organizational transformations.

No more theoretical practices—experience real, long-lasting impact and continue to build your reputation as a trusted partner that delivers results.

You already possess the skillset to become this transformative force for your clients; we’re here to provide the framework, tools, and best practices to make it happen effectively and sustainably.

Our Clients


“Shahmeen’s work with our executive team revealed some important truths about our strengths and gaps, and helped catalyze a series of actions that have changed the make-up and relationship of the team.   We are much better for the work, as individuals and as parts of a system! Her keen insights, candor, compassion and adaptability supported us in taking action action to transform challenge into opportunity with integrity.  She is forward-looking, deeply caring and resolved in her commitment to change the quality of leadership in organizations today. Shahmeen is a courageous guide that has a truth about leadership that we all need to be paying attention to if we want to find the courage within ourselves to change the systems we are a part of.”

– Carey Baker and Carlo Bos, Co-CEOs of Co-Active Training Institute

“As a new CEO, with a new executive leadership team, Anjali Leadership has provided a practical yet heartfelt approach to deepening our relationships and preparing us to have meaningful conversations.  Through the work, Shahmeen and Juan have personally coached each individual leader through their own development journey, but then connected that work back to the overarching development of a Team!  The culture of our team, strength of our individual leadership capabilities, and overall business success have been enabled by the work with Anjali Leadership!”


– Jim Reed, President & CEO of Excellus BlueCross BlueShield


“I would like to take a moment to both thank you and recognise the invaluable support and guidance you and your team provided me throughout our corporate Leadership Development programme. I found the programme extremely valuable and complimentary to my own ‘self improvement’ path that I have undertaken over the last year. The tools and guidance that Anjali Leadership provided and the mechanisms for reaching out to reports, peers and bosses allowed me to receive real feedback and constructive critique that I can now use going forward. I also appreciated the specific one to one conversations that we had and the sometimes ‘out of the box’ suggestions you made. Whilst often making me feel uncomfortable, I do appreciate that stepping out of my comfort zone is important and I thank you for that feedback and direction.”

– Bill Clowes,

“I worked with Shahmeen for approximately three years. As a Type A personality, I cannot overstate the value I received personally and professionally. During our time working together, I experienced multiple corporate succession processes, a new role, new leadership team, multiple 360s and a Pandemic. Shahmeen’s approach to mindfulness, self-reflection and just slowing my mind down, helped me focus on being recharged at the right times so I could make the transformation from always driving to guiding and influencing others. While I am a work in progress, I continue to make progress!”

– Barry J. Thornton II, Chief Operating Officer of
Excellus BlueCross BlueShield

Our Commitment

We are committed to guiding you through our proven framework and practices

Our goal is to empower you to become an influential guide for change and help you evolve into a true leadership development partner. By doing so, you will be well-equipped to attract ideal organizations, reshape your business, and confidently support your clients in improving human dynamics while navigating a leadership transformation that enhances both employee well-being and organizational productivity.

Join us on this journey, unlock your potential, and make a lasting difference in the world of organizational leadership.

Let’s empower change together! Reserve your spot now.