Executive Leadership Development

Leadership Development Programs for Your C-Suite Executives and Senior Leaders

You’ve made it! Congratulations!

Your experience, skills, and years in the game have supported you to climb to the top of the corporate ladder.

You’ve earned an executive role and you and a small group of your peers hold the ultimate responsibility for creating outcomes that matter in your company.

Alongside the celebration of the transition in leadership, you may be noticing some subtle changes.

Let’s sit together for a minute and see if any of the following resonate with you:

People you’ve had relationships with for years, seem a bit stiffer than before. You might even notice a guardedness or cautiousness when they speak with you. But why? You’re the same person as before. Surely it’s just your imagination.

You’ve learned that good leaders ask a lot of questions, yet sometimes you notice that people seem to be searching for the answer they think you want to hear, rather than what they actually think. Similarly, you’re starting to wonder what they are keeping to themselves that might be really useful for you to know.

The words you speak magically turn into directives, even though you thought the point of the meeting was to brainstorm together. You feel like you need to be careful about where and when to think out loud.

There’s an unspoken expectation that you know what is best, almost as if the title bestowed instant wisdom and authority upon you. Now they’re all looking to you as the one who knows. It feels uncomfortable though, because you don’t… always.

It’s lonely at the top.

You need a place where you can put things on the table and take a closer look at them, speaking frankly and sorting out your thoughts without a risk of being misunderstood. Every executive should have a seasoned executive coach as a partner for this “strategic looking”.

Effective leaders recognize that the rank that comes along with an executive role can be a major factor in how human dynamics play out in the organization.

They put time and energy into learning and practicing the NEW essentials of leadership, which includes wielding their rank mindfully. Wise executive teams find ways to consciously create a company culture where people can speak with candour, kindness and transparency, and work together without fear.

Anjali Leadership helps you do both.

Through our partnership, your leaders will learn to foster a space that will be primed to boost confidence across the organization, build trust amongst peers, and align efforts for initiatives to take off and make a profound impact on the success of the organization and future generations.

We’re ready to make this a reality with you!


“I worked with Shahmeen for approximately three years. As a Type A personality, I cannot overstate the value I received personally and professionally. During our time working together, I experienced multiple corporate succession processes, a new role, new leadership team, multiple 360s and a Pandemic. Shahmeen’s approach to mindfulness, self-reflection and just slowing my mind down, helped me focus on being recharged at the right times so I could make the transformation from always driving to guiding and influencing others. While I am a work in progress, I continue to make progress!”

– Barry J. Thornton II, COO, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield


•Leadership Gifts •Leadership Range •Leadership Culture •Heart of Leadership •Self-Awareness •System-Awareness •Productive Conflict •Compassion •Rank and Privilege •Leading through Complexities, Obstacles and Ambiguity  •Difficult Conversations •Breakthrough Solutions


We work with your executive team, employing a concurrent blend of individual executive coaching and team development.

No cookie cutter solutions here—we map out a curriculum that is customized for your situation.

We start with a Leadership Culture Audit to identify the unique patterns of behavior that underpin your company culture.

This pinpoints a potent collective leadership development pathway that your executive team can follow.


The individual leadership development work begins with a 360-degree leadership assessment for each executive team member. We use the Leadership Circle Profile, which we consider to be the best 360 instrument in the world.

Our founder, Shahmeen Sadiq, MCC, spent 11 years certifying and mentoring coaches in the use of this instrument and is one of a few global masters in this field.

Are you ready to discuss a customized plan for your organization?