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Power Circles Leadership Gathering

Learn new practices, improve self-awareness, nurture compassion, and cultivate essential leadership skills through meaningful interactions. Step into our next gathering and experience the power of deep human connection and the leadership skills that can emerge from truly meaningful interactions. Join us and be part of a movement toward a more compassionate and more human society.


In the whirlwind of daily demands, how often do we pause to authentically see and understand those around us? These fundamental human experiences have the power to transform lives and ripple through societies, yet they are often overlooked in our interactions.

Welcome to the (Reimagined) Power Circles, a monthly gathering dedicated to embracing the profound yet simple act of genuine connection – the heart of authentic relationships and improved human dynamics.

Held via Zoom, these interactive sessions transcend mere discussion; they provide a sanctuary where you'll feel valued, your story will be honored, and your voice will be heard.

Each meeting is crafted to deepen our self-awareness and compassion through meaningful connection. By participating, you'll engage in practices that nurture compassion, heighten consciousness, and refine your ability to engage authentically – essential leadership skills for today's world.

Our community gathers to learn, share, reflect, and support one another, making each session a unique opportunity to cultivate essential human skills for personal growth and collective well-being.

This is your invitation to step into a transformative journey where the simple acts of seeing and being seen can spark profound shifts in how we perceive the world and relate to others.

Join us for our next gathering and discover the transformative power of meaningful interactions, human connection, and other leadership practices.