As the end of the year approaches, when holidays, celebrations and gatherings abound, you may notice your “not enough” button getting pushed a bit more than usual.

Like when you feel like you should be doing more.

Or you’re concerned about what that certain someone thinks of you.

Perhaps you wish you were a better cook,

or that your home looked neater,

or that you had lost those extra 10 pounds already.

Entire industries are grounded in the belief that we are not enough and that we must improve, become better, get more, and fix ourselves. No wonder so many people feel disheartened and depressed! It’s hard to be happy when we’re constantly evaluating whether we meet the standard of perfection that is projected as the ultimate goal.

I’ve seen many articles about how depression, anxiety and a whole host of other debilitating conditions rise during the holiday seasons. It breaks my heart, because the truth is, each and every one of us IS enough, no matter where we are on our journey. I wrote this poem this morning for all who, like me, occasionally need a reminder.

Let me know if it’s useful to you, and please send it on to someone who may find it comforting.


never done

always seeking

keep going

it’s exhausting

the myth of busy

badge of honour

so enticing!

offers redemption

what if

you were enough

simply because you exist?

ponder that for a moment

feel the ground

breathe the air

allow yourself to

be found

– Shahmeen Sadiq