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You Are Not Your Role

It was an early morning flight, two days after a big snowstorm, and the security lines were packed full of people. We were a collection of individuals, all focused on getting through the drudgery of the airport process: take off shoes, laptops out of bags, any...


Up Your Game

We are big basketball fans in our family, as both of my sons played competitively for many years.  One thing I’ve always admired about both boys is that they are very team oriented and will often pass the ball even when they are within what appears to be close...

Up Your Game - Anjali Leadership - Executive Leadership Training
Achieving Results

Pushing for Extraordinary

The morning dawned crisp and cool, with that thin layer of grey-blue cloud way up there that I just knew would burn off as the sun got higher in the sky. I took off the thin sweater that had kept me warm until now, and hung it on the rail at the side of the road,...

Pushing On - Anjali Leadership - Executive Leadership Training

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